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As posted on TeamJungle’s twitter page, the iXtreme Lite Touch firmware is almost complete for BenQ drives. They didn’t mention a eta, and they never do. But rest assured, you’ll be flashing Lite Touch LT firmware on your BenQ fairly soon. [Read More]


If you’re looking for a great Lite Touch (LT) tutorial on flashing your Xbox 360 with iXtreme Lite Touch firmware, then checkout the Jungle Flasher PDF tutorial This turorial covers all the basics and requirements need to flash your liteon drive with Lite Touch Firmware. [Read More]


Just a friendly reminder that iXtreme Lite Touch Firmware (LT) has been released. This release is the best one yet, and it’s only for the LiteOn Xbox 360 drives.

Download @ [Read More]


As originally posted by TeamJungle on Twitter,C4eva has been at it again. Now, iXtreme 1.61 Firmware has been released for the LiteOn drive. This updates adds wave 4 and wave 5 support.

C4eva presents, in association with TeamJungle: LiteOn iXtreme v1.61 – Added support for waves 4 and 5 –

For more information, head over to


iXtreme Firmware Download

November 24, 2009 · 0 comments

Just a friendly reminder that the latest iXtreme Firmware to download is currently iXtreme Firmware 1.6 for Liteon, 1.61 for Samsung and BenQ drives, and iXtreme 1.51 Firmware for the hitachi’s.

The new firmware, Lite Touch, is still being developed by C4eva, and ETA is unknown. So hand tite, and keep checking the blogs for any updates.

iXtreme Firmware


Datel Max Memory Card

Datel, located in UK, filed Monday an antitrust lawsuit again Microsoft for locking out 3rd party memory cards for the popular Xbox 360 gaming console. Microsoft locked the cards out through a firmware update, which stemmed from piracy concerns. Marty Glick, who currently represent Datel in this lawsuite, was quoted:

Microsoft did this for no other reason than to eliminate competition, as Datel’s cards offer higher capacity than Microsoft’s own.

A federal court in San Francisco will rule whether Microsoft has engaged in anti-competitive practice or if they are withing their rights to lock out 3rd party products from the Xbox 360.


Facebook and Xbox Live

Some 2 million users have signed into Facbook from Xbox Live since the two services were mingled together, according to a report from CNET. The current figures for Twitter users has not been released, but according to the rep, “tweets from nearly every market where we have Xbox Live.”

With 2 million users signing into Facebook from Xbox Live, and a total of 20 million users on Xbox Live, that shows a 1/10 penetration rate among the first few weeks this service has been enabled.


After the current Xbox Live banning that occurred a few weeks ago, a Texas Based Law Firm is in the process of organizing a class action lawsuit. On their website, Abington IP has a form for those who were banned to submit their information and story.

From reading the information on the site, it’s not due to being banned from Xbox Live itself, but also what Microsoft did personally to your console.

Additional *reported* problems resulting from the bans include, but are not necessarily limited to:
* Disabling/altering Xbox functionality *NOT* associated with Xbox Live or piracy (HDD functionality for example);
* Disabling/altering Xbox functionality *NOT* associated with piracy (Netflix, game add-ons, music, and arcade games for example);
* Obtaining information from Xbox consoles without permission of the owner;
* Other problems/consequences associated with these bans have been reported here and elsewhere. [Read More]

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AMD Give Away

AMD is giving away 10 Wii’s and 10 Xbox 360 gaming consoles. What’s the catch? Just join the AMD Facebook Fan Page on Facebook, and you’ll be entered to win a gaming console. One winner will be chosen every week for 4 weeks.

So if you’re like me, and have a banned Xbox 360 gaming console, this is the perfect time to get back in the game.


If you’re a Facebook or Twitter junkie, you should be happy to know that tomorrow’s update for the Xbox 360 dashboard, will bring Facebook and Twitter. Also with this update, will be FM to Xbox Live.

Xbox Live general manager, Marc Whitten, has gone on the record saying that these aren?t merely PC ports of the popular social networking sites, but entirely new entertainment experiences:

?We look at things like Facebook and Twitter as amazing social experiences, but also entertainment. We didn?t want to copy and paste from the PC.?